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You’re responsible for how you use Content in combination with other images, graphics, text, and other materials you use in your artwork/Products. It is your responsibility to obtain the appropriate authorizations from the owners before including any text, image, design, trademark, service mark, or any other copyrighted work in your Products. It is your warranty that your Products do not infringe upon any third-party rights, including copyright, trademark, the right of publicity, or privacy, and will not libel or defame any third party and that you have all required rights or permissions to incorporate third-party materials into your Products. Whenever you place an order on this Site, you warrant that you have all necessary permission, right, and authority to place the order and you authorize customboxesprinting.co.uk to produce the Products on your behalf.



The final artwork and job specification sheet must be approved by the customer prior to printing. After an order is placed, clients will be emailed a job specification sheet and final artwork proofs. A customer is responsible for reviewing and confirming the accuracy of all information included in the specification sheet, including but not limited to delivery dates and production speed. Please note that Customboxesprinting.co.uk is not responsible for any specifications and requirements that are not contained in the final specification sheet. The customer is also responsible for reviewing the final artwork proof since proofreading is the customer’s responsibility. Due to the fact that files are prepared in multiple ways, unexpected changes may occur. What is shown on the final proof represents what will be printed.

Customboxesprinting.co.uk cannot be held responsible for design or spelling errors that are not identified by the customer and immediately reported to Customboxesprinting.co.uk. After approval, the design file and job specifications will be sent to the production department for printing.

Customboxesprinting.co.uk is not liable for color matching or ink density on screen proofs approved by the customers. Color and density are not predicted by screen proofs. Customboxesprinting.co.uk will do its best to match the gradient density of each color in duo-tone boxes. Customboxesprinting.co.uk is not responsible for the appearance of duo-tone boxes without a color match proof order. Furthermore, lamination may alter the appearance of the printed colors. Customboxesprinting.co.uk is not responsible for the final color appearance of laminated products.



It is important to note that no food-grade paper/card stock is used for printing our products. Before placing the order, please let us know if you have any specific paper grade requirements with regards to the paper stock.



CustomerBoxesPrinting.co.uk shall not be liable for errors in a final product caused by any of the following: Mangled Fonts, Damaged Graphics, Bleeds, Punctuation, Wrong, Incorrect or Missing Folds, Die Lines, Crop Marks, Spellings and Grammatical mistakes, Transparency, Cracks on Folds, Overprint Finished Product and Size. For most printing products, Custom Boxes Printing does not use gang printing. In certain situations, we may choose a printing method that is best suited for a particular print item or items, based on the requirements of our customer or user of our website.



Customboxesprinting.co.uk will cancel your order before printing/shipping. If an item has been shipped, it cannot be canceled. It is possible to cancel orders during the production process, but there will be cancellation charges. If there are cancellation charges, the Customer Service Team will notify you.



1) Orders are placed online.

2) Orders are reworked in our design department.

3) Orders are sent to the press.

4) Orders are collected by the shipping firm and shipped.

All orders are cancelable before stage Two. If an order is canceled in stage One; you will be charged 5% of the total amount to cover payment processing, bank charges and to cover our design department fees.

For orders canceled in stage two, a minimum of 15% of the total order amount is deducted as cancellation fees to cover our design department’s charges. After an order enters stage 3, we can still try to cancel the order but we cannot guarantee order cancellation. However, if the order is still in stage 3, and the user wants to have it canceled, a minimum of 50% of the total order amount is deducted to cover expenses.

Once an order reaches stage 4, it cannot be canceled.



We are unable to accept returns or exchanges as each order is customized. In the event that we find out we made a mistake, we will re-print the order. There will be no refunds or credits. We recommend that you notify us at sales@customboxesprinting.co.uk when you find a defect or anything else that is not in accordance with your order within three business days of receiving it. Customboxesprinting.co.uk will not be responsible for any claims for defects, damage, or missing items that are not filed within 3 business days of the delivery date.



We will 100% reprint your original order if we made an error or if we determine that it was defective on our end. The determination of defects is at the discretion of our management. In order to receive a reprint of your original order, you must submit digital images documenting the defect or return, at your expense, the full quantity of the original order within 8 business days of taking delivery of the original order.

The charges for expedited order processing are not refundable.



We do not offer refunds or credits for any of the design services ordered on customboxesprinting.co.uk. All design orders once placed are final and non-refundable.



Any part of our website and Terms & Conditions may be amended at any time without prior notice to our customers and visitors. These changes will be part of the new Terms of Service posted on our website, which will take effect immediately. We will assume that you agree to such changes if you continue to use our website after such changes have been posted.



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